Holiday Wreath Magic Moment!

Recent Stickman recruits tackle the art of bow making.  

What are you celebrating?

Transform date night.  Shake up book club.  Celebrate any occasion.  Reward great performance at work.  

About Stickman Studio


Stickman Studio at Work


Being around other people is the best way to get the creative energies flowing.    Have a blast learning how creativity plays a major part in any business. Learn how ideas come out and are expressed. Learn how to work effectively to build ideas together.  

Our skilled instructors can facilitate how to bring out the best in your team using art related themes.  We can personalize a theme around your workplace priorities, goals and challenges.

Impress your clients by inviting them to create a lasting memory with the people who will make a difference for them. 

Reflect your identity by developing an in-house art studio and gallery.  Exhibiting employee art lets you truly project your own style, values and identity.

Stickman Studio at Play


Girls Night Out?  Birthday?  Wedding Shower?  Expecting?  Menopause? Art Party?

Pour your heart and soul using paint. Collage your laughter. Cut and paste your way to relaxation.  

Stickman Studio is unplugged.  This means we can be in your home, business or backyard. It also means art and design events will take place in the hottest, trendiest places in and around Town.

Mark any occasion with a lasting memory.  Fill you heart and free your mind.  Stickman Studio has got it covered!

Join a workshop or let us help you deliver a one of a kind experience for your friends and family.

Alcohol and Ink at the Loft Gallery

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You Tell Us?

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Deconstructing a Pour?

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It Takes A Village to Pour Paint!

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Cement Garden Decor

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Pour It On!

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